Patriot Personnel Services offers a variety of workforce solutions to our clients for full time or part time positions, including: temporary placement, try-hire (temporary to permanent) placement, payroll services, and direct hire.
Temporary placement: Temporary positions are positions with no intent to hire employees full time, or permanently.
Try-Hire Placement: These positions provide workers the opportunity to be hired full time with a client. Upon completion of Patriot Personnel Service's probationary period, our workers are available for hire at our client's discretion.
Payroll Services: Payroll services are available to our clients if they find a potential candidate for their company and would like to 'try them out' through our service prior to hiring them full time to their company.
Direct Hire: Direct hire positions provide the opportunity to our clients to directly hire (buy out) a candidate without completing the standard probationary period.
Patriot Personnel Services handles every aspect of human resources, including:
Recruitment of employees: Our strongest assets are our employees. We have a well-established core of employees which consistently grows by means of referral. In addition, we utilize various websites and job training programs to find the most qualified personnel to suit our client's specific needs.
Application / Interviews: Our ''Risk Control Service'' includes a pre-application questionnaire and an in-depth application process. Upon completion, interviewers then evaluate each candidate's previous work experience, skills, attitude, and adaptability.
Employee Screening: To ensure our clients receive the best possible candidates we provide extensive screening services customized to each client based on their request or requirement. Our screening services include: criminal background checks, drug screens, aptitude tests, and E-Verify (to verify legality and eligibility to work in the U.S.)
Placement and monitoring of employees: Patriot Personnel Services understands the importance of our commitment to our clients and that our service does not end with employee placement. Once employees are assigned we closely monitor attendance and behavior, providing counseling and discipline when necessary.
Payroll functions: Patriot Personnel generates all employee payroll checks on a weekly basis. Our pay periods are customized to meet the needs of each individual company, allowing our clients the ability to determine the payday. Any deductions, wage garnishments, etc. that may apply are also handled by Patriot Personnel. All federal and state taxes are covered, and W-2 tax forms are generated and mailed annually to each employee of Patriot Personnel Services.